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Tutorial How To Remove Secure Browsing Malware in Thumb drive/Laptop

credit to & SesumpahAPPs

1. Download  SecureBrowsing_remover.exe.

2. Double-click the remover and follow the onscreen instruction until the end. DONE!

3. No need to format your thumbdrive or laptop.This apps will automatically clean and recover files infected by this malware. After recovery, your files will be place under folder "Recovery file sesumpahapps" in your thumbdrive.

Tutorial How To Remove Shorcut Malware in Thumb drive

1. Download  disinfect_thumb.bat.

2. Open & edit the file with notepad.

3. Inside the code, replace the directory M:\  on both lines to your thumdrive directory (See <Your USB drive letter> from My computer. Eg. If you thumbdrive directory is D: , replace the M:\ with D:\)

4. Save & Close the file.

5. Double-click to run the .bat file. Wait until the console screen appear & exit automatically & you are DONE!

6. Validate your files that has been recovered inside your thumbdrive and remove the remaining shorcut files.