UniMAP Joint-Venture with SCOMI GROUP BERHAD (SGB) on Application of Renewable Energy for Green Monorail Project

July 2nd - Researcher from Centre of Renewable Energy (CERE) of School of Electrical System Engineering and Faculty of Technology UniMAP has working with Scomi Group Berhad (SGB) for the usage of Renewable Energy sources in new product development of SGB.

DC/DC Converter and Inductive Coupling that has been fully developed by UniMAP's researcher along with Research & Development (R&D) team from SGB will be integrated in Green Monorail, the latest in line of future development product of SGB that will be in market in 2019-2020.

This UniMAP-SGB joint-venture covers product development and marketing towards enhancing Industry-Ready UniMAP's research product along with upstage University's MYRA achievement.