Pauh Putra, August 3rd - UniMAP Islamic Center in collaboration with SoESE has held 'Kuliah Dhuha' program at meeting room in entitled 'Kejar Dunia,Kejar Akhirat' which was delivered by YBhg.Ustaz Ahmad Yusairi from Jabatan Mufti Perlis. This program is one of islamic lecture series organized by Islamic Center in different PTJs in UniMAP. This particular series has been attended by most of SoESE's staff and also from staff from other schools. The moderator for the program is Ybhg Ustz Rolfaizal bin Rodi from Islamic Center begin at 9.30 am and finished with a Q&A session. YBhg.Ustaz Ahmad Yusairi in his closing statement highlighted the importance of making sure that our intention in performing our responsibility as a human and to Allah S.W.T. does not waver towards chasing self-pride or recogniton of others, instead solely for the purposed of chasing blessing of Allah S.W.T. Wallahua'lam.



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