Prof. Dr. Syed Idris bin Syed Hassan

Ph.D. in Antenna Design (Exeter University)
M.Sc. in Radar and Radio Communication Systems (Birmingham University)
B.Sc. (UKM)
E-mail: syedidris@unimap.edu.my   logo researchgate logo researchgate

Prof. Madya Shamshul Bahar bin Yaakob

M.Eng (Electrical & Electronic Systems) - Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
B.Eng (Knowledge Eng.) - Shizuoka University, Japan
E-mail: shamshul@unimap.edu.my   logo researchgate logo researchgate

Dr. Dina Maizana Maiz Ahmad

Ph.D. (Transformer Design)(UniMAP),
Magister Technic (MT) in Electrical Conservation (Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia),
B.Eng.(Electrical Technique)(Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU), Indonesia)
E-mail: dina@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Samila binti Mat Zali

PhD (Electrical Energy and Power Systems)(The University of Manchester)
MSc (Electrical, Electronic & Systems) (UKM)
B.Eng (Electrical, Electronic & Systems) (UKM)
E-mail: samila@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Muzamir bin Isa

Doctor of Science (High Voltage Eng.) (Aalto University, Finland)
M.Eng. (Elect. Eng) (KUiTTHO & FH Koln, Germany)(UKM)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Electrical -Power) (UTM)
E-mail: muzamir@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Khor Shing Fhan

Ph.D (Materials Science), UPM
B.Sc Education Physics(Hons), (UPM)
E-mail: sfkhor@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Nuriziani Binti Hussin

Ph.D in Electrical Engineering (High Voltage Engineering), University Of Southampton, UK
B.Eng(Electrical Engineering),University Of Southampton, UK
E-mail: nuriziani@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Haziah binti Abdul Hamid

Ph.D. (High Voltage Engineering)(Cardiff University, UK)
M.Eng (Electrical)(UTM),
B.Eng (Electrical Power)(UTM )
E-mail: haziah@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Muhammad Irwanto Misrun

Ph.D. (Renewable Energy)(Universiti Malaysia Perlis(UniMAP))
Magister Technic(MT)(Electrical Eng.) (Gadjah Mada University Jogjakarta Indonesia (UGM)),
Bech. in (Electrical Eng.)(Medan Institute of Technology Medan Indonesia (ITM))
E-mail: irwanto@unimap.edu.my

Ir. Dr. Rosnazri bin Ali

Ph.D.(Renewable Energy System) (UniMAP)
M.Sc.(Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Electrical Engineering) (RMIT Melbourne)
E-mail: rosnazri@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Leong Jenn Hwai

Ph.D. in Electrical Eng. (UK)
M.Sc. in Electrical Eng. (USM)
B.Eng. in EE Eng. (USM)
E-mail: jhleong@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan

Ph.D (Electrical and Electronic Engineering ) USM
M.Sc (Electrical and Electronic Engineering ) USM
B.Eng (Industrial Power) UTeM
E-mail: mokhzainiazizan@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mohd Azrik Bin Roslan

Ph.D (Electronic and Electrical Engineering),(University of Strathclyde, U.K),
B.Eng. (Hons)(Electrical and Electronics),(UTP)
E-mail: mazrik@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Abadal-Salam Taha Hussain

PhD (Mechatronic Eng.) UniMAP, Malaysia,
PhD (Management) Azteca University, Mexico,
MSc (Electronics Eng.) USTO, Algeria,
MSc (Edu.) Azteca University, Mexico,
MBA Azteca University, Mexico,
B.Eng. (Honors 2) Royal Naval Engineering College, (UK),
GCE, University of London, (UK)
E-mail: abadal@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mahmoud A. M. Albreem

PhD (Wireless and Mobile Systems) USM, Malaysia,
MSc (Electronic Systems Design Engineering) USM, Malaysia,
B.Eng.(Electrical Engineering) Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), Palestine
E-mail: mahmoudam@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mohammad Faridun Naim bin Tajuddin

Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering)(UTM)
M.Eng.(Electrical Energy & Power System)(UM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical Engineering)(UM)
E-mail: faridun@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Syahrul Ashikin binti Azmi

Ph.D. (Electronic & Electrical Eng.) (University of Strathclyde, UK)
M.Eng.(Electrical Power)(University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia)
B.Sc.(Hons.)(Electrical & Electronics Eng.)(UTP)
E-mail: ashikin@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mohd. Rafi bin Adzman

D.Sc (Tech.)(Power Systems and High Voltage Eng.)(Aalto, Finland)
M.Sc.(Tech.)(Electrical Eng.)(TKK, Finland)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical Eng.)(UiTM)
Dipl.(Electrical Power Eng.)(ITM)
E-mail: mohdrafi@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Banu Poobalan

Ph.D.(Electronic Materials & Semiconductor Devices)(USM)
M.Sc.(Electronic Materials & Semiconductor Devices)(USM)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Industrial Electronics Engineering)(UniMAP)
E-mail: banu@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Fijay bin Fauzi

PhD. (Thin Film Solar Cells)(SHU,UK)
M.Eng.(Electical - Mechatronic and Automatic Control)(UTM)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Electrical)(UTM)
E-mail: fijay@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mohd Hafizuddin bin Mat

Ph.D. (Bio-Electromagnetic)(UniMAP)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Communication Engineering)(UniMAP)
Dip. in Electronic Engineering (UTM)
E-mail: hafizuddinmat@gmail.com

Dr. Norkharziana Mohd Nayan

Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering)(UTM)
M.Sc.(Electrical and Electronic Engineering)(USM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical -Power) (UTM)
E-mail: norkharziana@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Gomesh Nair A/L Shasidharan

Ph.D Electrical Systems Engineering(UniMAP)
M.Sc. Electrical Systems Eng.(UniMAP),
B.Eng.(Hons)(Industrial Electronics Eng(UniMAP)),
E-mail: gomesh@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Suzanna Binti Harun Ronald

Ph.D. (Bio-Electromagnetic Compatibility)(UniMAP)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Communication Engineering)(UniMAP)
Dip. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PUO)
E-mail: suzannaharun@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Muhammad Solihin bin Zulkefli

Ph.D. (Electrical System Engineering)(UniMAP)
B.Eng (Hons.)(Communication Engineering)(UniMAP)
Dip. in Technology (Telecommunications Engineering)(MMC)
E-mail: solihin@unimap.edu.my

 Ahmad Zaidi bin Abdullah

M.Eng in Power System (UNITEN)
B.Eng in Industrial Electronic (UniMAP)
Dip. Eng in Electronic Communication (POLIMAS)
E-mail: zaidiabdullah@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Indra Nisja

PhD. (Electrical Power and Energy Conversion)(USM)
M.Eng.(Electrical Power Eng.)(UPM),
B.Sc.(Electrical Eng.)(Univesitas Bung Hatta, Indonesia)
E-mail: indra@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Syafruddin bin Hasan, MT

Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) (Universiti Malaysia Perlis, UniMAP, Malaysia)
Magister Technic(Electrical Eng.)(Institut Teknologi Bandung,ITB, Indonesia)
B.Sc.(Hons.)(Electrical Eng.)(Universitas Sumatera Utara, USU Medan, Indonesia)
E-mail: syafruddin@unimap.edu.my

Dr. Mohd. Irwan bin Yusoff

Ph.D.(Electrical System Engineering)(UniMAP)
M.Sc. of Electrical System(UniMAP),
B.Eng.(Hons)(Electrical System Eng.) (UniMAP),
E-mail: irwanyusoff@unimap.edu.my

Mohd. Saufi bin Ahmad

M.Eng (Electrical Machine Design & Drive) (USM),
B.Sc. (Electrical & Electronics)(USM)
E-mail: saufiahmad@unimap.edu.my

Muhd. Hafizi bin Idris

M.Eng (Electrical - Power)(UTM),
B.Eng.(Hons) in Electric & Electronic Eng. (Electrical Power) (UKM)
E-mail: hafiziidris@unimap.edu.my

Noor Hasnizam bin Hanafi

B.Eng. in Electrical Eng.(Power)(UiTM),
Dip. in Electrical Eng.(Power)(ITM)
E-mail: hasnizam@unimap.edu.my

Asri bin Jusoh

M.Sc of Electrical System (UniMAP)
B.Eng (Hons) Industrial electronic Engineering) (UniMAP)
E-mail: asrijusoh@unimap.edu.my

Surya Hardi Amrin

Magister Technic(MT)(Electrical Power System)(Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia),
B.Sc.(Electrical Eng,)(Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU), Indonesia)
E-mail: surya@unimap.edu.my

Ami Nurul Nazifah binti Abdullah

MSc (Eletrical Power Engineering) (UPM)
B.Eng. (Hons) (Electrical Systems Engineering) (UniMAP)
E-mail: nazifah@unimap.edu.my

Adawati binti Yusof

M.Eng.  (Industrial Electronic and Control) (UM)
B.Eng. Industrial Electronic (UniMAP)
E-mail: adawati@unimap.edu.my

Azuwa binti Ali

M.Eng in Communication and Computer Engineering (UKM)
Degree (Hons) Electrical and Electronics (UTP)
E-mail: azuwa@unimap.edu.my

Farrah Salwani binti Abdullah

Master Degree Electrical Engineering (UTHM)
B.Eng. (Hons) Electrical and Electronic (UTHM)
E-mail: farrahsalwani@unimap.edu.my

Musdar bin Dahlan

Degree in Electric Power System (Institut Teknologi Medan)
master in Signal Electronic System (Universitas Gajah Mada)
E-mail: musdar@unimap.edu.my

 Siti Khodijah binti Mazalan

M. Sc (Electrical Power Engineering) (UPM)
B.Eng. (Hons) (Electrical Systems Engineering) (UniMAP)
E-mail: khodijah@unimap.edu.my

Nor Ashbahani bt Mohamad Kajaan

M.Sc Electrical System (UniMAP)
B.Eng (Industrial Electronic) (UniMAP)
Email: ashbahani@unimap.edu.my

Mazwin binti Mazlan

M.Eng. (Industrial Electronic and Control) (UM)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Industrial Electronics Eng.)(UniMAP))
Dip. (Electronic Eng.) (PSAS)
Email: mazwin@unimap.edu.my

 Mohd Annuar bin Mohd Isa

M.Sc.(Electrical & Electronics Eng.)(Software Testing)(USM)
B.Eng. (Hons.)(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)(USM)
Email: annuar@unimap.edu.my

 Noor Haqkimi bin Abd Rahman

M. Eng. (Industrial Electronics and Control)(UM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Industrial Electronics Eng.)(UniMAP)
Dip. (Electronics Engineering)(UTM)
Email: haqkimirahman@unimap.edu.my

 Nur Fairuz Mohamed Yusof

M.Sc. (Electronic System Design Engineering)(USM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Industrial Electronics Eng.)(UniMAP)
Email: nurfairuz@unimap.edu.my

 Mohd Shihabudin bin Ismail

M.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering)(USM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Mechanical Engineering)(USM)
Email: mohdshihabudin@unimap.edu.my

 Mohd Hafiz Bin Arshad

M.Sc.(Electrical System Engineering)(UniMAP)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical System Engineering)(UniMAP)
Email: hafizarshad@unimap.edu.my

 Salsabila Binti Ahmad

M.Sc. (Instrumentation Eng.)(UPM)
B.Eng.(Hons)(Electrical and Electronic) (UNITEN)
Adv. Dip. (Industrial Automation)(SHRDC)
E-mail: salsabila@unimap.edu.my

Siti Rafidah binti Abdul Rahim

M.Sc.(Electrical Eng.-Power System)(UiTM)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical Eng.-Power System)(UiTM)
Dip. in Electrical Eng. (Power)(UTM)
E-mail: rafidah@unimap.edu.my

Noor Fazliana binti Fadzail

M.Sc (Electrical Power Engineering)(UniMAP)
B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical System Eng.)(UniMAP)
E-mail: fazlianafadzail@unimap.edu.my

Mohd Alif Bin Ismail

B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical System Eng.)(UniMAP)
E-mail: alifismail@unimap.edu.my

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