Executive Committee (EXCO)


   Dr. Haziah binti Abdul Hamid

      Ph.D. (High Voltage Engineering)(Cardiff University, UK)
      M.Eng (Electrical)(UTM)
      B.Eng (Electrical Power)(UTM )
      E-mail: haziah@unimap.edu.my
      Contact : +604-9885600


Deputy Dean (Academic and Research)

  Dr. Mohd Azrik Bin Roslan

    Ph.D (Electronic and Electrical Engineering),(University of Strathclyde, U.K)
    B.Eng. (Hons)(Electrical and Electronics),(UTP)
    E-mail: mazrik@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885608


Deputy Dean (Student Development and Alumni)

  En. Aminudin bin Anuar

    M.Sc (Electrical Power Engineering) (UniMAP)
    B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical System Engineering) (UniMAP)
    E-mail: aminudin@unimap.edu.my
   Contact : +604-9885604


Chairperson Of Degree Programme (Electrical System Engineering)

  Dr. Nuriziani Binti Hussin

    Ph.D in Electrical Engineering (High Voltage Engineering), (University Of Southampton, UK)
    B.Eng(Electrical Engineering),(University Of Southampton, UK)
    E-mail: nuriziani@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885609


Chairperson Of Degree Programme (Industrial Electronics Engineering)

  Dr. Norkharziana binti Mohd Nayan

    Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering)(UTM)
    M.Sc.(Electrical and Electronic Engineering)(USM)
    B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical -Power) (UTM)
    E-mail: norkharziana@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885607


Chairperson Of Degree Programme (Electrical Energy System Engineering)

  Dr. Latifah binti Mohamed

    Ph.D.(Information Science and Technology)(Shizuoka University, Japan)   
    M.Eng.(Electrical & Electronic)(Iwate University, Japan)
    B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical & Electronic)(Iwate University, Japan)
    E-mail: latifah@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885606


Chairperson Of Postgraduate Programme

  Dr. Mohammad Faridun Naim bin Tajuddin

    Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering)(UTM))
    M.Eng.(Electrical Energy & Power System)(UM)
    B.Eng.(Hons.)(Electrical Engineering)(UM)
    E-mail: faridun@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885605


Coordinator For Industrial Networking And Quality Management

  En. Mohd Shihabudin bin Ismail

    M.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering)(USM)
    B.Eng.(Hons.)(Mechanical Engineering)(USM)
    E-mail: mohdshihabudin@unimap.edu.my


Assistant Registrar

  Ku Nurmadihah Bt Ku Yaacob

    E-mail: nurmadihah@unimap.edu.my
    Contact : +604-9885603

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