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  • Seberang Perai Polytech, Penang Industrial Visit to SoESE

    Pauh Putra, 9 Mac 2017 - Electrical Engineering Diploma students from Politeknik Seberang Perai,Penang has visited the School of Electrical Systems Engineering(SoESE), UniMAP. The visit was attended by 41 students of the second semester Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and 4 lecturers escort. The participants of the delegation were briefed on SoESE history and background and career talks by Mr. Aminudin Anuar (Deputy Dean of Student Development and Alumni), Mr. Mohd Annuar Mohd Isa and Ir. Ahmad Zaidi Abdullah. Next the participants were brought to see the existing facilities in the Modular Systems Laboratory conducted by Mr. Nor Haidar Hashim and Mr. Shukur Abdullah, Electrical Machines Laboratory operated by the Pn. Ami Nurul Nazifah and Mr. Azlizan Mohd Adib, Renewable Energy Laboratory operated by Ms. Farrah Salwani Abdullah and Mr. Mohd Faizal bin Mohd Zahir. The visit ended with the presentation of gifts and banquets.

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  • Industrial Visit by PERDA-TECH To SoESE

    PAUH PUTRA, 25 January 2017- Industrial Visit by PERDA-TECH To SoESE, Pauh Putra Campus. Visits accompanied by 41 students Semester 4 Certificate in Electrical Technology and also accompanied by three lecturers. Objectives of this Visit is to encourage students regarding the field they are studying and the relationship with the industry and the opportunity to further their education to a higher level. It is also a part of the added value program provided by management to the students in their learning process in PERDA-TECH. Delegation of PERDA-TECH briefed by Ir. Dr. Rosnazri Ali (Deputy Dean, Academic & Research) and visited three SoESE laboratories, namely Modular Systems Laboratory, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory accompanied by the duty officer Mr. Mohd Annuar Mohd Isa and Mr. Hafiz Arshad. The visit ended with the exchange of gifts and lunch.

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