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B.Eng (Hons) Electrical in Energy Systems Engineering

B.Eng (Hons) Electrical in Energy Systems Engineering

Electrical Energy Systems Engineering (RK96)

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)(Electrical Energy Systems Engineering) programme focuses on technological aspects and management of electricity generation including renewable energy and alternative energy sources. One the main objective of the programme is to promote the use of renewable energy for electricity generation in Malaysia.

This program consists of common courses until third years of studies which providing a broad background in mathematics and computing, electric circuits and systems, analogue electronic circuits and components, digital systems, instrumentations, communications, electromagnetic, control, electrical system (generation, transmission & distribution) and power electronic. Students undergo practical training after at the semester break of third year to gain practical knowledge from electrical power industries.

In fourth year, students will be focused in their major studies which are in electrical energy system and renewable energy system subjects. This will provide the opportunity for in depth study combined with a range of courses aiming to enhance the students understanding of renewable energy applied in electrical power. In general, electrical energy system engineering programme has a broad scope, particularly in the sectors of power generation and energy renewal.

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